Principle and working of the Drilling machine

The machine which has to produce a round hole with the help of Drill bit. It is called a drilling machine. The drilling machine or drilling press commonly used in Engineering field. It is used for drilling, reaming, countersinking and counterboring. 

Types of the Drilling machine

1.Bench Drilling Machine.
2.Hand Drilling Machine.
3.Portable Drilling Machine.

1. Bench Drilling Machine or Power feed Drilling Machine.

The bench drilling machine is a heavy duty machine which is used for a drill to heavy material. It is also called a power feed drilling machine. This is vertical in position and stationary machine.

Parts of the bench drilling machine.

Drilling Machine parts

1.Main Drive

The drive unit has a motor which drives the machine with the help of a gear mechanism.

2.Feed Drive

The feed drive has operated the spindle in a downward and upward direction.


 The spindle is a vertical shaft which is used to hold the drill chuck. It received the motion from the top shaft with the bevel gear. The spindle mechanism has a pair of step cone pulleys for obtaining multiple speeds to various machining conditions.

4.Working Table

The working table may be round or rectangular in shape. It has slots which have held the hand vice.


The vertical member of a machine is called a column. It holds all the machine parts.


The bottom part of the machine is called a base. The base is a sport the machine parts. The vertical column is mounted on the base, it supports the whole machine.

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