Working of Puller

Puller is a device that is used to remove the Bearing or Pulley from the shaft. The reversible claw legs catch the object and pull the object with the help of forcing the screw by rotating it to the clockwise direction. It has four parts which are listed below:-


Parts of Puller

1.Hexagonal Head
The upper part of the puller is called hexagonal Head. You can see it in this picture.

2.Forcing Screw

Forcing screw is a rod that has a screw thread. Its main function is to pull the reversible legs by the cross arm.  You can see it in this picture.

3.Cross arms

Cross arms are attached with legs by nut and bolt. Cross arm has an internal thread which is mounted on the forcing screw rod. This is fastening to each other as you have shown in the picture.

4.Reversible claw legs

The reversible claw legs are the legs which are fastened the cross arm by nut and bolt and simple flat. Reversible claw legs catch the object and pulled by screw thread which is mounted on forcing the screw.
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For more detail watch this video

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