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Carpentry Practical File 

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Smithy Shop

Smithy or Forging is the oldest shaping process used for producing small articles for which accuracy in size is not so important. The parts are shaped by heating them in an open fire or hearth by the blacksmith and shaping them through applying compressive forces using a hammer.
In another Words:-The process of giving the desired shape of a metal piece by heating and hammering is also known as forging. The metal is heated up to a Desire temperature known as a forging temperature. When the forging is done by hand tool manually then it is called hand forging and when the same forging is performed by the power hammering then it is called power forging.

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Foundry Shop

The place where a job or work is prepared by melting and pouring the molten metal into the mold is known as Foundry. In this process, a mold is prepared with sand or any metal. If mold is prepared by sand, is known as sand molding.
This sand is prepared to add the sand content and riddled properly. After this with the help of a pattern make a mold. The mold is a cavity of any desired shape which is required. The pattern is placed in the flask and rammed properly. After completion of the mold, the molten material is prepared by heat. The solid material is placed in a furnace by means of the crucible. When the material becomes liquid then pour it into the mold with the help of a pouring ladle and crucible handle. After cooling the product or job is prepared. The process described above is called Casting.

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Fitting Shop

The term Fitting is related to the assembly of parts, after bringing the dimension or shape to the required size or form, in order to secure the necessary fit. The operations required for the same are usually carried out on a workbench, hence the work is done on the bench is called Fitting work. 

Benchwork and fitting play an important role in engineering. Although in today’s industries most of the work is done by automatic machines that produce jobs with good accuracy still it requires some hand operations called fitting operations. A fitting shop worker is called Fitter.

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Machine Shop

Where most of the work is performed on different machines is called a machine shop. In a machine shop, the raw material is cut, machined formed, or shaped with the help of machines. Different machines are used in a machine shop. 

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Welding Shop

Welding is the process of joining two materials with the help of heat or pressure. The heat may be generated either from the combustion of gases, electric arc, electric resistance, or by chemical reaction. When heat is produced by means of electricity, it is called Arc Welding and when used the gases it is called Gas welding. In this shop, we cover the following welding technique and their mechanism and also discuss the tools.

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Electronic Shop

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Electrical Shop

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