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Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Butt Joint

Aim: To make butt joint by performing shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) using coated consumable stick electrodes.


Measurement Tools

  • Steel Rule

  • Inch Tape

Holding Device

  • Bench Vice

Cutting Tools:

Welding Tools



Chipping Hammer

Chipping Hammer

Furnishing Tools


  • Cut the required size mild steel piece with the help of hand hacksaw from the iron section.
  • Prepare the edges of pieces to be welded.
  • For more in detail please watch this Welding joint video
  • Set the welding parameter like welding current, voltage, etc.
  • Wear protective apron, goggles and hand glove.
  • Keep the workpieces in butt joint position (1 mm away from each other), at the welding table. 
  • Ensure that the circuit is properly completed and earthing is done.
  • Insert a coated stick electrode in the electrode holder and produce arc by striking the electrode with metallic surface of the welding table.
  • Perform the tacking operation on both ends.
  • Perform the butt welding operation.


Butt joint
Two major parameters during SMAW are the welding speed and feed of the electrode toward the weld pool. These parameters should be properly controlled to ensure a defect-free weld.
  • After welding, hold the workpiece with a tong and keep it on floor.
  • Remove the slag with the help of a chipping hammer.
  • Clean the workpiece with the help of a wire brush.

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