Viva question for Workshop (MP LAB)

Foundry Shop

What is the mold?

The mold is a cavity which is prepared in the sand or any metallic the part that can be used to make casting by molten metal into the mold.

What is cope?

The upper part of the flask is called to Cope.

What is Drag?

The lower part of the flask is called Drag.

What is flask?

The rectangular box which is used for making a mold to place the sand in it. This is made of wooden or any other metal.

What is the wooden board?

The wooden board is placed on the floor for the flask. The drag the part is placed on the wooden board for producing a smooth surface.

What is a pattern?

The pattern is a modal of anything which is used to prepared mold by placing the pattern in the sand.

What is a runner?

The runner is a vent or hole for pouring the material into the mold. The runner is prepared by a sprue pin or sprue cutter.

What is riser?

The riser is a hole or vent for escaping the gases which are produced during casting.

What is casting?

The casting is a process to producing new shape to molten metal poured into the mold, on cooling is known as casting.

Carpentry Shop

What is the seasoning?

It is prosses of removing moisture from the wood.

Name the different process of seasoning.

Air seasoning, Klin seasoning, Water seasoning

Classify the tools used in carpentry shops.

Holding, Marking, Measuring, cutting, sewing, planning , drilling and boring.

Name any two types of hammer used in the carpentry shop.

Claw hammer and Mallet

What is a mortise chisel?

To make mortise

What is the function of the rebate plan?

To make recesses

Name any three woodworking machines.

Lathe, circular saw and planner.

Write any five advantages of wood over the other materials.

Light in weight, Good strength, good appearance, easy to work, easily available.

What is carpenter vice?

It is used to hold workpieces

What is the pitch of saw?

It is the distance between two teeth.

Foundry Shop

Define foundry

A foundry is a place where a job is done by melting and pouring the molten metal into the mold is known as a foundry.

Name five common metals that are satisfactory for casting.

Aluminum, megnicum,coper ,bronze, brass

Some advantage using plastic as a pattern material.

Light in weight, easy to remove, less brokerage, strength , good furnishing, resistance to wear.

List various pattern allowances.

Machining allowance, draft allowance, shrinkage allowance, shake allowance, Distorsion allowance.

What is the function of the riser?

The gases are removed through the riser.

What are the core prints?

This core is placed in the mold on the impression made in the sand. These projections are called core print.

Write some advantages of green sand molds.

This sand is natural in condition, Easy to availability.

Write some common causes of blow holes in a casting.

Due to not proper ventilation.

The high temperature of molten metal.

Name five foundry hand tools.

Riddle,showel ,strike off bar,flask,below etc.

Smithy/Forging shop

Name of the tools used in forging shop

Furnace, hammers, tongs, anvil, chisels, punch, fuller and flatters.

What is the function of the chimney?

To sweep out the smoke and gases.

What fuel is used in forging shop?

Coke and furnace oils.

Name the different types of tongs

Closed mouth tong, flat tong, round tong, square tong, side mouth tong, V tong.

Name the different types of hammer used in forging shop

Hand Hammer, Sledgehammer and power hammer.

What is the material of anvil?

Cast steel

What is the function of flatters.

To make a plan surface.

What is the use of punch?

To make hole

Name any two hot working processes.

Upsetting, Hot drawing

What is the tempering temperature of steel?

275-degree c to 320 degrees c

Machine shop

What are the machine tools used in a machine shop?

Cutting Tools, shaping tools, drilling tools, finishing tools

Name five-part of the lathe machine.

Bed, tool post, chuck, Headstock, tailstock

What is the taper turning operation?

The turning operation is to remove the outer diameter of rod or pipes.

What is the function of ram in the shaper?

Hold the tools and give the reciprocating motion.

What is the principle of the drilling machine?

To produce holes.

What is counter shaking operations?

Enlarging the hole

What is different between up and down milling?

The direction of the cutter of the milling machine.

Name a few cutters in the milling machines.

Plain milling cutter, Side and face cutter, Slotting cutter, Angular cutter

Welding shop

What are the different types of joints used in the welding shop?

Butt joint, Tee joint, Lap joint,flange joint,conrner joint.

Name any five important welding process.

Gas welding, Arc welding, Resistance welding, Ultrasonic welding, laser welding.

How many types of flame used in gas welding.

Oxidizing flame, Natural flame, Carburising flame

What is the function of flux in gas welding?

To prevent oxidization.

Name the equipment used for oxy-acetylene welding.

Cylinder,regulator ,hose ,torch ,tip,goggle.

Name the equipment used in arc welding.

Transformer,Holder,electrode,chipping hammer,connector ,bursh.

What is the current range of electric arc welding set?

50 amp to 300 amp.

What is the highest temperature of gas welding?

Up to 3000-degree c

What is the electrode coating?

It is used to improve the efficiency of the welding process.

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