Welding Joints

The joining of two metals in some specific way called different joints.


Butt Joint 

In this type of joint, the edges are joined in the same plane with each other.V or U shape is given to the edges to make joints strong.

Welding1. Bevel groove butt weld

2. Square groove butt weld

3. V groove but weld

4. U groove butt weld

5. J groove butt weld

6. Flare bevel butt weld

7. Flare V groove butt weld

Lap Joint

This type of joints is used to joining two overlapping plates so that the corner of each plate can be joined properly. The fillet type of welding is used. Common types of lap joints are.

1.Single lap

2.Double lap or Offset lap

Tee Joint

The two-piece of metal is joined as such a way to make a 90-degree angle. The welding joint looks like a T shape after joining the metal. This is a type of fillet weld. Different styles may be used for creating a Tee joint.

1. Plug weld

2. Fillet weld

3. Bevel-grooved weld

4. Slot weld

5. Flare bevel grooved weld

6. J groove weld

7. Melt through weld

Corner Joint

In this joint, the edge of two-piece are joined and their surface is kept at a right angle to each other. These types of joints are made in frames and boxes. Some examples of the corner joint.

1. Spot weld

2. V-groove weld

3. Fillet weld

4. U groove weld

5. Bevel groove weld

6. Square weld

7. Corner flange weld

Edge Joint

In this joint two parallel plates are joined edge to edge.

1. V-groove weld

2. U groove weld

3. Bevel groove weld

4. Square weld

5. Edge flange weld

Plug Joint

Plug joint used in a hole instead of rivet and bolts.

Note:-All images received from https://cliffswelding.com/

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