The striking tools are used in different shops for different operations. The striking tool is identified by a hammer. These hammers are used for chipping, fitting and punching processes. A hammer has a heavy iron body with a wooden handle. The weight range from 0.25 kg to 2 kg. The hammer is many types but the classification of the hammer can be done by their shapes of pean. The pean is the top part of the hammer. When the pean shape changed the name of the hammer also changed.


Straight Pean Hammer

If the shape of the pean is parallel to the handle of the hammer is called straight pean hammer.

Ball pean hammer


The shape of the pean is like a ball or spherical is called a ball pean hammer.

Cross pean hammer


If the pean across the handle then it is called cross pean hammer. It has a cast steel body. This type of hammer is used for wooden work and metallic work.


Double-ended hammer

If the shape of the pean is the same as face it is called a double-ended hammer.

hammerClaw Hammer

The claw hammer is used for striking and pulling the nails from the wooden piece. The one end is made for striking and second claw face. The weight varies from 0.25 kg to 0.75 kg.


It is made up of hardwood and round or rectangular in shape. It is used to strike the chisels which are wooden handles.

Hand Hammers 

Hand hammer is a light in weight used by Smith himself. Sledgehammer is heavier in weight and is used by the Smiths helper. All the hammers are divided into 4 parts namely

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