This is also a cutting tool that is used on the workpiece as a cold or hot condition. These are made up of high carbon steel. It is generally 6 inches to 8 inches long. The top is flattened and sharp cutting edge made on the bottom side. Chisels are classified on the basis of the shape and width of the cutting edge. Commonly used forms of chisel are flat, cross-cut, half-round and diamond point chisel.
Cutting angle of chisels
For hard material  70-75 degree
For medium-hard material 60 degree
For soft material 40 degree

Flat Chisel

This chisel is flat in shape at the end side. The flat chisel is used for chipping a large surface. This chisel is used at room temperature so it is called a cold chisel.

Crosscut chisel

The crosscut chisel is narrow chisel and thickness of the cutting edge is broader than a flat chisel. The flat chisel is used for cutting grooves.

Half-round chisel



The half-round chisel is used to cut oil grooves in the bushes and also clearing small round corners.

Diamond point chisel

The diamond point chisel is used for chipping plate. It is also used for clearing the corner of the slots cut at an angle or of a square shape.

Chipping with chisel

The workpiece is proper to hold in the vice. The material is removed with the help of a hammer. The chisel has held an angle to the workpiece. The chisel is perfectly held in the hand while striking.   

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