What is the mold?

The mold is a cavity which is prepared in sand or any metallic part that can be used to make casting by molten metal into the mold.

What is clay?

Clay fine soft soil which is used for the strong bond in the molding sand.

What is cope?

The top part of the flask is called Cope.

What is Drag?

The bottom part of the flask is called Drag.

What is flask?

The rectangular box which is used for making a mold to place the sand in it. This is made of wood or any other metal.

What is the wooden board?

The wooden board is placed on the floor for the flask. The drag part is placed on the wooden board for producing a smooth surface.

What is a pattern?

The pattern is a modal of anything which is used to prepared mold by placing the pattern in the sand.

What is a runner?

The runner is a vent or hole for pouring the material into the mold. The runner is prepared by sprue pin or sprue cutter.

What is a riser?

The riser is a hole or vent for escaping the gases which are produced during casting.

What is casting?

The casting is a process to producing new shape to molten metal poured into the mold, on cooling is known as casting.

What is Molasses?

It a black syrup which gained by the refining the sugarcane juice. This molasses increase the strength of the sand.

What is the core?

The core is an internal cavity of a mold which remains in solid condition. In the area of the core, the molten metal has not entered.

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