Cutting tools

The tools which are used to remove or cut the material is known is cutting tools.

 Hand Hacksaw

Hand Hacksaw is used for cutting of rods, flat, etc. The Blade of the hacksaw is made up of high Carbon Steel or high-speed steel. And the frame is made from mild steel. The Blade is placed inside the frame and tightened with the help of flange nut. The teeth of the blade are generally forward cut. The hacksaw should be used in a straight direction otherwise it will result in breaking of blades. The length of blades varies from 8” to 14” but generally in 12 inches blade is used in a fixed hacksaw frame. The thickness and width of the blade are 1 mm and 1/2 inches respectively.

Classification of blades

According to the direction of cut

Forward cut                                Backward cut

Depending upon the pitch of the teeth


Type of hacksaw frame

There are two types of hacksaw frame  

Fixed hacksaw frame

In fixed hacksaw frame only one type of blade is used.


Adjustable frame

In the adjustable frame, the teeth of the frame can be increased or decrease as per requirement and the blade from 8 inches to 14 long can be used in it.

Pitch  of hacksaw

It is the number of teeth on the blade in one centimeter. Hacksaw blade with small pitch is used for the thin section and the large pitch are used for the thick section.

 Use of the Hacksaw

The material to be cut with a hacksaw is clamped into vice. Marking is done with the help of a scribe. The hacksaw handle is held in right hand and the frame is kept on left hand. Start sawing at the marking, keeping the blades slightly inclined to the horizontal. The direction of hacksaw should be straight and horizontal. The speed of the hexa should be 15-25 stock per minute. Sufficient pressure should be given to the frame with the left hand while in forwarding stock. Water can be used as a coolant for sawing.

Care of hacksaw

  • Always move the hexa in the perfectly straight and horizontal direction.
  • Never tilt the frame while sawing.
  • While cutting thin section wooden piece must be clamped along with the workpieces.
  • Never use a new blade where the cut is already made by another blade.
  • The blade should be tightened sufficiently.

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