Fitting Shop Tools

Fitting shop tools

Clamping tools

 It is Most important for you about Fitting Shop Tools. The clamping tools that are used in the fitting shop are called vices and this is used for holding the jobs firmly during various is fitting operations.

Bench Vice
Bench vice

For holding the jobs bench vice is used. It has a cast iron body. Two jaws plates are fitted on both the Jaws. Jaws plates are made up of high carbon steel and are wear-resistant. One jaw is fixed to the body and the second slide on the square threaded screw with the help of the handle. The jaws are open up to the required length, the job is placed in the two jaws and is fully tightened with handle. It is fixed at the four corners of the fitter ’s working Bench and it is up to the waist height.

 Leg Vice

It is made of mild steel and the jaws are of cast Steel. It is stronger than parallel jaws bench vice and used for heavy works. It is used when the operation such as chipping or hammering is to be performed. It is fixed on the bench grouted in the foundation.



Hand vice

The small objects are held in the hand vice. These are made of different shapes and sizes. It has two steel legs which joined at the bottom. A Spring is provided between two legs. The jaws are holding with nuts.

Pin vice

For holding small diameter rods and wire are used to pin vice. It is also used for grinding small drills. It consists of small chucks made up of tools steel and mild steel handle.

Pipe vicePipe vice

It is used to hold pipes. A movable joint fixed on the lower end of the screw. It grips the pipe at four points. The Jaws of this pipe vice are  V-shaped. This vice can be fixed on the bench or it can be grauted.

 Measuring and marking tools

Try Square Try Square

It is used for checking the squareness of two surfaces. It consists of a blade made up of Steel which is attached to a base at 90 degrees. Try square is also used for marking the right angle and measuring the straightness of the surface. It is an instrument used to draw a straight line at a right angle to a true surface.

Bevel Protector Bevel protector

It consists of a steel dial divides into the 360-degree division. The dial can be rotated around the center the lines at any angle can be marked on or measured by the straight edge. The straight edge can be slide along the length. 

Combination set

It is a multipurpose instrument that can be used as a protector, a level, a miter, a center square, and a try square.

Centre Square

Center square is used to find the center of the round jobs. It consists of a straight edge and two arms for finding out the center around the job is placed between two arms.

Surface GaugeScriber and Surface Gauge

It is used for marking lines. A scriber mount on a vertical bar is called surface gauge. A heavy base is provided at the bottom. There is not fixed on the bar and this nut the scriber can be loosened and fixed anywhere in the bar in this way the inclination can be varied. It is kept on the surface plate during any measurement Primarily it is used along with V block to draw a line parallel to the surface.

Universal marking surface gauge

It consists of a heavy base is scriber and a bar. It is used for marking purposes. It is used to draw a parallel line at any desired height with respect to the surface plate.



Dot punch

It is used for marking dotted lines. Its material is high carbon or high-speed steel. One end is sharpened and the second end is flat and hammering is done on this end while working. The angle of the punch end is 60 degrees.

Centre PunchCenter punch

It is like a dot punch expect the angle of punching end is 90°.

Surface Plate

Surface Plate

The surface plate is used for testing the flatness, trueness of the surfaces. Surface plate made of cast iron or graphite. Its upper face is plane to form a very smooth surface. It is used to test try square and this plate is used as a base for V block, sine bar, and another measuring instrument during measurement.


 Angle plate

Angle PlateIt consists of cast iron in which two ribs of metals are standing at a right angle to each other. Holes are providing for clamping purposes. It is used for holding and Sporting the jobs.


V block

V block

It is also used for Sporting as well as marking purposes. Round jobs are placed on the V block to mark the centerline. It holds the jobs in the V portion.



Steel rule

Steel ruleThese are made up of stainless steel and are available in many sizes ranging from ½ ft to 2ft. These are marked in inches and millimeters. The edges of the steel rule should be protected from rough handling.

Cutting Tools

The tools which are used to remove or cut the material are known is cutting tools.
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 Hand Hacksaw

Hand Hacksaw is used for cutting rods, flat, etc. The Blade of the hacksaw is made up of high Carbon Steel or high-speed steel. And the frame is made from mild steel.


A file is a tool which has multi-tooth. It is used to remove the unwanted material by means the rubbing on the metal. The files are available in many shapes and sizes.

Striking Tools


The striking tools are used in different shops for different operations. The striking tool is identified by a hammer. These hammers are used for chipping, fitting and punching processes. A hammer has a heavy iron body with a wooden handle. The weight range from 0.25 kg to 2 kg.

Fitting Shop Practical File

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