Foundry Meaning

Foundry Meaning

Foundry MeaningThe Foundry Meaning is that the place where job or work is prepared by melting and pouring the molten metal into the mold is known as Foundry. In this process, a mold is prepared by sand or any metal. If mold is prepared by sand, is known as sand molding. The sand which is used for molding is:-

     Green Sand

     Dry Sand

     Loam Sand

This sand is prepared to add the sand content and riddled properly. After this with the help of pattern make a mold. The mold is a cavity of any desired shape which is required. The pattern is placed in the flask and rammed proper. After completion the mold the molten material is prepared by heat. The solid material is placed in a furnace by mean of the crucible. When the material becomes liquid then pouring it into the mold with the help of pouring ladle and crucible handle. After cooling the product or job is prepared. The process described above is called Casting.

Foundry meaning in Hindi

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