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Lathe Machine

The shop where most of the work is performed on different machines is called the machine shop. In the machine shop, the raw material is cut, machined, formed, or shared with the help of a machine. Different machines are used in machine shops.
Lathe Machine


1. Lathe Machine

2. Shaper Machine

3. Milling Machine

4. Planning Machine

5. Drilling Machine

6. Grinding Machine

7. Threading Machine 

lathe machine introduction

lathe machine IN HINDI

The lathe machine is a power mechanical device in which the work is held and rotated against a suitable cutting from a cutting tool for producing the cylindrical form in the metal, wood, or any other machineable material.
The principle of the lathe machine is that it holds the work between two strong sports called a center or in a cheek or faceplate which revolves. The chuck of the center is mounted on the main spindle of the machine. The cutting tool is rigidly supported in a tool port and it is feed against the rotating job. The job rotates in its axis and the tool is moved either parallel to an inclination with its axis  such as a cylindrical or tapered surface is produced

Lathe machine main part operation and working


 The bed is the function of a lathe machine it is spotted onboard box column and is made of cast iron. it consists of two heavy metals slides running lengthwise with ways unit which is mounted on the bed are the headstock, tailstock and the carriage.

Watch this video for Parts of the lathe machine in detail


It spots the main spindle in the bearing and aligns it properly. It also houses a necessary transmission mechanism with speed changing liver to obtain different speeds. The cone Pulley or gear should be used to change the speed of the spindle. Holding device which is mounted on headstock spindle.

  • Three jaws chuck
  • Four jaws chuck
  • Faceplate
  • Collet Chuck
  • Magnet chuck
  • lathe dog

Main spindle

 In a hollow cylindrical shaft, the long cylindrical job can pass through the main spindle. The spindle end facing the tailstock is called the spindle nose. The spindle nose has a morse taper hole and Threads on the outside. The Morse taper is used to accommodate the center or collet chuck or threaded portion of the chuck.


It is a movable part located opposite to headstock on the way of the Bed. It is capable of sliding along the bed maintaining its alignment with the headstock. On the medium size and small lathe it is moved along the bed manually, where are heavier lathes it is moved by hand wheel through a pinion that meshes with a rack provided in front of a lathe bed. It is used for four  purpose

1. To support  free end during machining

2. To hold a tool for performing an operation like drilling reaming tapering

3. To Centre the job and the tool before any lathe operations

4. To help  in the operation of taper turning by tailstock set over method


 It is located between headstock and tailstock. It can slide along the bed guideway and can be locked at any position by tightening the carriage lock screw. It consists of flowing main parts


It is fastened to the saddle. it consists of gear and clutches for transmitting motion from feed rod and handwheel to the careers. Also, the split nut engaged with the lead screw during threading. The clutches mechanism is used to transmit motion from the feed rod wheres the split nut along with the lead screw moves the carriage during thread cutting.


 It is made up of H-shaped casting. It aids the saddle to slide on the bed guideway by operating a handwheel.

 Compound Rest

 It sports the tool post and cutting tools in various positions. It may be swiveled on the cross slide to any angle in the horizontal plane.

 Cross Slide

It provides a female dovetail on one side and assembled on top of the saddle having a male dovetail.


 It is used to hold various tool holders and tools. Types of tool post commonly used
  • Ring and Rocker tool post
  • Squarehead tool post 
  • Quick change tool post


They are a sport that carries an entire load of Machines. The left leg act as a housing for the motor the pulley and the countershaft at the same time that the right leg act as a housing for the coolant tank, pump, and the connecting pipes

lathe machine specification

  • Length of the bed
  • Distance between centers
  • The diameter of the  work can be turned between the ways 
  • The height of the center Swing over carries

 Lathe machine operations

  • Facing                               
  • Rough turning
  • Shouldering                      
  • Radius turning
  • Necking                            
  • Taper turning
  • Thread cutting                   
  • Forming
  • Chamfering                       
  • Knurling
  • Drilling                              
  • Boring
  • Countersinking                  
  • Counterboring

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