To determine the moisture content quickly in fresh sand and molding sand.

·       The instrument operation on the principle of the pressure generated between the moisture in the sample and the absorbent compound.
The instrument is light in weight and no need to any external supply.  The absorbent compound in the airtight bottle is provided in a box of rapid moisture tester.


  • Keep the case on the plane platform. Open the case.        Check the entire equipment thoroughly.
  • Set the balance bracket to its seat providing at left side.While tightening the wing nut see the level. Set all arrangement, balance lever, pan seat and pan on the rapid moisture box. (watch the video carefully).
  • Unclamp the cap of the tester and body of the tester from inside by brush.

  • Rapid moisture tester

Watch this video

Operating instruction

· Weight the sample accurately by matching the red lines marked on bracket and lever. Transfer the sample in the cap. Take to spoon full of the absorbent compound and transfer into the body of the tester.

· Proper way to hold the body and place the cap in the bottom of rapid moisture tester. Tight the U-clamp with the help of screw. Shack the instrument vigorously. This ensures immediate mixing of sand sample and the absorbent compound.

·Immediately the pointer of the gauge moves. Keep the instrument in a vertical position. Absorb the reading when the pointer stops further movements. The will give the % of moisture in the sample directly.
·Unscrew the handle and take out the cap. Throw away the used material. Clean the instrument for a subsequent test.


·   Clean the instrument after use.
·   Do not expose sand sample.
·   Do not keep the absorbent compound exposed atmosphere.
·   Keep all parts of an instrument in the box and always close the box.

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